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Long before the global pandemic threw us into a virtual way of living, our world was being shaped by the internet bringing with it, a tremendous amount of data that's being generated and exchanged at an increasing rate.

From social media to international policies, the ever-evolving interaction between big data, algorithms and machine learning is opening up possibilities we couldn't have fathomed before. Along with its untapped potential, data also brings with it an assortment of worrisome concerns. When utilizing data encroaches into people's privacy and the internet becomes intertwined with human liberty - a big price to pay, where do we draw the line?

TEDxNITKSurathkal brings you the latest edition of our Salon event, themed Is Data the New Oil?. Join us to explore the diverse speaker perspectives. Delve into cutting-edge technology, calculations behind framing internet policies, and the data hurdles faced on a global scale.