Lost and Found

Who are we? Not as an isolated individual, but in a larger context over time, with regard to a community, the past and future. With the dizzying rate at which our lives are progressing, traditions remain an anchor to our identity, a legacy providing us with a sense of belonging to something larger.

Our peoples' culture is inextricably intertwined with the astounding amount of art it has manifested. As priorities shift worldwide, commercialisation takes over, and people struggle to keep up. This art can struggle to remain relevant in the modern world of ever-shifting priorities. Regardless, there is always an effort to ensure that heritage stands resilient against the battering of time and changing society. It may simply change packaging and adapt to stay relevant or find its niche catering to its passionate audience.

TEDxNITKSurathkal brings you the latest edition of our Salon event, themed 'Lost and Found'. Join us as our speakers widen our appreciation of our culture and discuss how our past continues to thrive in the world today.