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Space : The final frontier | Chakshu Gupta
India: The future of the world | Charan Singh
Cracking through conformity | Revathi Roy
Coming out Proud | Sridhar Rangayan
Urban farming: Creating tomorrow's food | Sriram Gopal
Is there a primary place for Heart in Technical Entrepreneurship? | Ashok Rao
The Road Less Travelled | Binoy John
Journey From a Corporate Leader to Artistic Discipline | Rajeswari Vaidyanathan
Altering Fates | Robin Chaurasiya
Winged beauties and their conservation - a butterfly park | Sammilan Shetty
Active Matter and why it Matters | Sriram Ramaswamy
How 'Hard Science Fiction Novels' get written | Tim Poston
The power of stories | Balaji Girisaballa
Big data analysis in finance sector | Dasami Moodley
Envisioning the future | Freeman Murray
Capturing Veerappan | Gopal B Hosur
Indecision and success | Shruti Seth
Designing user-friendly technology | Sumit Dagar
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Solving The Hunger Problem | Mohandas Pai
Illusionist | Arvind Jayashankar
The Power of Youth | Bhavna Toor
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Compost At Home | Poonam Bir Kasturi
Against Deception, Towards Rationalism | Narendra Nayak
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The Meaning Of Growth | Rudramuni B
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Rural Indian Prodigy | K Visalini
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